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Organizational Planning and Change

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change.”
- Charles Darwin

Engaging in organizational planning and working to implement change can be a difficult process; it can be daunting and unpredictable. Managers often wonder where to begin, what to take into account, how to overcome resistance, and how to ensure the changes made will be successful. FOH’s services are available to help organizational members create plans, improve processes, assess training needs, and institute change. Whether dealing with internal change to revitalize an organization or the changes associated with the merging of two different organizations, we have training programs available to help train and support members of any organization

Strategic Planning
Leaders must now work within the framework of strategic goals that define the long-range direction of an organization. A solid strategic plan is critical to effective and high-quality decision-making, provides an organizational direction, and aligns systems to reach organizational goals. FOH will work with senior leadership to help them define their vision, articulate a mission, and plan for future endeavors. Our consultants help organizational leaders accomplish the following:
  • Evaluate and build on an organization’s strengths
  • Assess areas for improvement in order to enhance performance
  • Analyze the environment for trends and opportunities
  • Examine internal and external barriers to the success of the organization’s strategic vision
  • Determine how current systems can change to support a strategic direction
  • Gather information from key stakeholders within and external to an organization
  • Communicate the strategic plan to employees
Whether an agency needs to leverage core competencies or define new ways to achieve goals, our consultants help managers develop a realistic plan, complete with performance measures to evaluate the results of strategic initiatives.

This organizational development process takes between three and six months to complete.

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Process Improvement
A process is a set series of tasks performed in order to attain some end result. Typically, employees would describe an organization’s processes as “the way we do things here.” Organizations have processes for virtually all functions – from recruiting new personnel to serving customers. Over time, these processes can become cumbersome, inefficient, and bureaucratic. FOH’s process improvement services can help. The goal of process improvement is to dramatically improve performance, quality, efficiency, and service. Our consultants use proven methods to streamline an organization’s existing processes and eliminate elements that do not add value. Participants will learn to engage in unconstrained, creative thinking to go beyond the confines of the current structure to discover new modes of operation that are more efficient and effective. FOH’s experienced practitioners and proven process improvement techniques will provide support in all phases of these endeavors, from planning to implementation.

The organizational development service takes between three and six months.

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Training Needs Assessment
Training can be expensive and time-consuming. Too often, training programs are driven by fads or guesswork, or are initiated due to a single high-profile mistake, leading to wasted time and money. To get the best return on investment, the right training must be provided to the right people at the right level to improve performance. A solid needs analysis ensures that training fits these criteria:
  • Training is related to short and long range goals
  • Training is relevant and helps trainees acquire the knowledge and skills they need to perform effectively
  • Delivered at the level appropriate for the experience and expertise of the trainees
FOH conducts complete training needs analyses to ensure that the training program results in improved performance and goal attainment. Organization analysis assesses the goals of the organization as they relate to the training. Job analysis examines the tasks to be performed by the trainee following training to set appropriate objectives. Person analysis determines the current levels of knowledge and skills to identify gaps that training should address and determine the appropriate level of training. These analyses, and our expertise in conducting them, can ensure that our customized training program leads to improved job performance.

Depending on the type of training, this organizational development program can last between two weeks and two months.

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Communicating During Turbulent Times
During times of change and downsizing, employees often become confused, discouraged, or even paralyzed and inefficient. Managers, supervisors, and team leaders need to communicate effectively during these times to maintain employee morale and improve employee commitment. In this session, participants will learn how people experience change and what they can do to help employees navigate successfully through the stages of change.

This training session lasts approximately one-half day.

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Cycle of Change
According to Arthur C. Clarke, “the future ain’t what it used to be.” Our trainers will engage participants in a rollicking discussion of the future and its impact on how we face change in our daily lives. This briefing explores today’s trends and patterns that suggest what the future might hold. Participants will discover their ability to create their own, organizationally sound “preferred future.”

This training lasts one-half day..

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Revitalizing the Workplace: Behaviors to Get You There
Today’s workplace environment is one of constant change. Workers must develop behaviors and skills to be prepared to deal with uncertainty while keeping the workplace vital and effective. This briefing will report the research findings and “lessons learned” from public and private sector organizations that have undergone major change. The briefing is offered in two formats: one for all employees and one for executives, managers, supervisors, and team leaders

This training lasts one-half day.

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Organizational Climate Studies
Leaders within an organization are often interested in gaining insight into the perceptions of employees on a given topic or set of topics. Gaining a clear understanding of employee perceptions regarding key facets of the organization - such as leadership, diversity, feedback, supervision, pay, benefits, promotion, and ethics - can be extremely useful in the following areas:
  • Focusing groups on areas for development to create high performing teams
  • Identifying strengths that can be celebrated by the organization
  • Monitoring employee satisfaction and identifying trends over time
  • Helping employees identify attitudes that inhibit job growth and satisfaction
  • Providing factual information for problem solving and improvement efforts
FOH can help managers plan and implement an organizational climate study focused on the dimensions that leaders are most interested in assessing. We have a variety of tools to help “take the temperature” of an organization. FOH consultants use instruments such as the Campbell Organizational Survey ® (COS ®), a 67-item instrument, which was standardized on over 6,700 people in 84 organizations in all types of industries. The COS ® assesses employee satisfaction with 17 critical dimensions of an organization. Also, our survey design experts can create a customized instrument specific to a unique organization. Understanding the organizational climate can help managers build on strengths and address areas for improvement.

This organizational development process lasts between two and six months.

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Conference or Event Planning and Support
Planning for conferences, meetings, or events requires a tremendous amount of time and effort. Whether an event is large or small, we can help plan a successful event and ensure that it comes off without a hitch. Our event planners will help your agency planners organize a successful event. Some of the ways we can help include:
  • Estimating attendance and facility requirements
  • Arranging meeting space
  • Booking hotel rooms
  • Booking catering services
  • Finding or selecting presenters
  • Arranging to meet audio-visual requirements
  • Working with exhibitors
  • Printing programs and other material
  • Arranging local tours or entertainment for visitors
  • Collecting and analyzing evaluations
In addition, we provide support during the event to ensure that everything runs smoothly, including staffing, overseeing volunteers, manning information booths, assistance to presenters, and guides to help people find their destinations.

This Technical Assistance service can last from one week to a full year, depending on the size and nature of the event.

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