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Team Development

"The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.” - Babe Ruth

Work groups and teams have become increasingly important elements of the modern workforce. Successful groups and teams can be efficient, productive, and synergistic, providing outputs beyond what individual members alone could produce. FOH’s services are designed to help build, maintain, and train groups and teams to enhance effectiveness.

Successful Teams Series

FOH’s Successful Teams Series offers a variety of essential training opportunities that will improve the productivity of existing teams, educate team leaders, and give new teams the right start.

FOH has a variety of programs that are designed to help agencies develop the most effective and productive teams. Agency managers can choose the program that suits their needs or select a combination of programs.

Characteristics of a Successful Team
Teams have become an increasingly important vehicle for enhanced productivity and organizational performance. This seminar introduces the characteristics of successful teams and effective team members. It also presents the guiding principles and supporting techniques that help organizations utilize teams more successfully. Participants will learn that the most effective teams have the following characteristics:
  • Clear objectives
  • Sound decision making processes
  • Trust, cooperation, support, and (constructive) conflict
  • Clear roles, responsibilities, and leadership
  • Solid relationships with other groups
  • A process for analyzing the team’s performance

This seminar generally lasts one-half day.

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Working in Teams
In this workshop, team members learn about the nature and importance of teams, the stages of group development, team member roles and responsibilities, and ways to measure team effectiveness. Through practice exercises and real work activities, team members apply tools and techniques that will help them work together more effectively. Workshop topics include:
  • When to use teams and when they are not appropriate
  • Basic skills critical to working in the team environment
  • Effective interpersonal team skills
  • creating a team identity that values and respects the importance of diversity
  • How to develop interpersonal skills including influence and conflict management
  • Strategies to manage team conflict

This workshop lasts two days.

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Team Leadership and Team Building
The growth of team-oriented work places and diverse spans of control have created new managerial challenges. The tools and techniques presented in this program will be extremely useful for organizations that utilize project-oriented teams. This workshop prepares managers to work with teams to encourage the consideration of different ideas, promote participation, and strive toward common goals. Participants will learn team processes and tools that foster commitment, increase trust, empower people, facilitate decision-making, and create the best environment for accomplishing organizational goals. Duration:
This workshop lasts two days.

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Work Group Assessment and Team Building
This comprehensive program combines an assessment phase and a team-building phase to establish a highly functioning team unit. Our consultants will work with new or existing teams. The team building program phase can energize existing teams, enhance cross-functional teams, and help develop new teams. During the team building phase, FOH consultants will accomplish the following:
  • Assess team effectiveness
  • Clarify issues facing the team
  • Use customized approaches to resolve specific challenges
  • Help set clear goals and objectives
  • Provide follow-up to assess progress
Assessments may be accomplished by conducting individual or group interviews and are often supplemented by using instruments such as the Campbell-Hallamâ Team Development Survey (TDS®). Our consultants can also design customized instruments based on an organization’s specific needs and goals.

Instruments such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) and Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-BehaviorTM (FIRO-BTM) can be used for the team building intervention to help team members gain insight into how they relate to team members. Assessments help managers achieve these goals:

  • Identify team strengths
  • Clarify leadership styles
  • Understand communication styles
  • Identify problem solving and decision making skills
  • Identify potential areas of conflict
  • Understand behaviors under stress
  • Explore a preferred work environment
  • Empower the team and individual team member
  • Develop an action plan for maintaining continuous improvement
The timeframe for this organizational development service varies depending on group size and the amount of assessment desired. The program duration will normally range from several hours, for the administration of a survey, to several days, for interviews. The entire process, including the reporting of a summary of findings and recommendations, can generally be completed in four to six weeks.

The assessment portion of this program can be accomplished in one to two weeks, with the team building sessions scheduled for a total of one to two days.

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